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Artist Development: from vocal performance to stage presentation and public speaking artist will learn how display their unique personalities in a professional manner that will keep people wanting more

Project Development: songwriters, producers, and recording studios will create and/or co-write material to create a body of work to distribute to radio and retail.

Marketing: Styling and branding strategist will determine a look and presentation worthy of your signature to attract the attention of entertainment industry.

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Consulting Services

Vocal Coaching: vocal production is key. Our coaching experts will bring out the best sound for studio recording and live performances. From pitch, dynamics, breathing techniques to strength you vocal performance

Recording: Tenth Child Inc. has partnered with the Grammy Award Winning and nominated producers, songwriters, & studios in Dallas, Texas to create the best sound for your recordings

Song Selection: a critical component of performing is executing material that displays your vocal range and highlights transitional skill. Our trained experts will develop a song portfolio of original and recorded material for live performances

Performance Coaching: from stage entrance to exit learn to make your performance unforgettable

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image consulting

For the past 12 years, Mattie Michelle has transformed countless imitation styles into trademark tresses. These one-of-a-kind looks come from years of studying under the biggest names in the biz.  Mattie also draws influence from her around-the-world travels. Whether Australia or London, New Zealand or Nigeria, you can’t miss the global vibe in her work.

Mattie specializes in custom styles for the hippest clients in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

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